Gary Terashita

The first son of a first generation American of Japanese decent, who served in the U.S. military for decades (including the Second World War when his father and four brother were taken from their land off the coast of the state of Washington and interned in California). The Terashita family are loyal and dedicated Americans.

Born in 1954 and married in 1972, the most significant day of his life is March 3rd, 1980, when he surrendered fully to the Lordship of Jesus Christ. Since then he has lived to know and serve the God of his salvation. That pursuit has led to this publishing partnership with his long time brother, friend, and author, Oliver North. After more than twenty years and five companies publishing books by and for Christians, Fidelis Publishing fulfills his goal of producing books unfettered by those who do not share the mission of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Gary and his faithful wife since 1972, Kim, live outside Nashville, Tennessee, and daily celebrate their four kids and twelve grandkids.

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