America's #1 Adversary

And What We Must Do About It - Now

“If you care about the future of America, you need to read America’s #1 Adversary — now!”

- LTG William G. “Jerry” Boykin, USA
Former commander, U.S. Army Special Forces, and author of seven books
including his autobiography, Never Surrender

by John Poindexter, Robert McFarlane, Richard Levine


There is a new breed of atheist in town. They’re intelligent, vocal and sometimes very aggressive. They communicate with boldness and conviction, but are they correct?

240 page, paperback - $16.00

Patrick Prill has an MA in Theology and a MA in Church History from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary.


Victory in the battle of life comes by the hand of solid tactics, the undying resolve to win and the unbreakable bonds of battle-hardened brotherhood. Using content from We Were Soldiers and interviews with those who were in the brutal conflict portrayed in that film, David Dusek shows men how to defend themselves and those around them from the attacks of Satan seeking to steal, kill, and destroy.

Trade paperback, 5.5X8.25, 240 pages, including 21 day devotional, $16.00

David Dusek is the founder of Rough Cut Men Ministries, which is primarily a live, interactive men’s experience to get men talking about what’s really going on in their lives. David travels around the world, speaking at men's conferences, military bases, and corporations. He lives with his family in Sarasota, Florida


A novel combining the best of “The Shack,” and “Jesus Calling,” with a touch of comedy pointing to our common misconceptions of God and Christ.

"This little book packs a powerful punch.”—Angela Hunt, New York Times bestselling author of The Jerusalem Road series.

Trade paperback, 256 pages, $16.00

Satan’s Dare

Satan’s Dare uses a fictional platform to address the contradictions between apparent scientific realities and Biblical truth.

Jacketed hardcover-9781735856308, 400 pages, $12.99 9781735428598 eBook, $12.99

by Jim DeMint

DeMint is a successful businessman who served a combined fourteen years in the U.S. House and Senate. He created the Senate Conservatives Fund to get true conservatives elected. He is Chairman of the Conservative Partnership Institute and a best-selling author.

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Sgt. York His Life, Legend, and Legacy: The Remarkable Story of Sergeant Alvin C. York

As singular as Corporal York’s heroism and resourcefulness on the battlefield were, they were all the more remarkable in light of his former opposition to war on religious grounds. His was the unshakable conviction and resolve of a convert, having traded, on his knees, a wild, remorseless life for one of sincere Christian piety in the peaceful stillness of a New Year’s dawn nearly four years before. And yet, he was persuaded that spiritual victories must sometimes be gained through wars of the flesh.

Trade paperback, 480 pages, 9781735856322, $18.00 - eBook 9781735856339, $9.99

It's Ready to Deliver to You

Developed over years of training and applied leadership rising to Major General in the U.S. Army, Gronski shares the salient elements of successful leadership principles that work in every area of life.

160 page trade paperback - $17.00 - 9781735856360 - eBook $9.99 - 9781735856377

Major General (US Army, Retired) John L. Gronski

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America is at a crossroads. One path leads to a revival of the Founder’s vision for our country, the other path leads to socialism. The first means freedom and prosperity, the other despotism and corruption. The veterans in this book and thousands of others we have talked to over the years make it clear they didn’t join the military to fight for socialism. Rather, they fought to protect the principles our Founders had in mind when they risked everything to establish our country.

Jacketed hardcover, 224 pages - 9781735856346 - $26.99/ eBook - 9781735856353 - $9.99

By Oliver L. North and David Goetsch

- COMING August 18, 2021 -

During the Son of God’s last three hours on the cross, the sun stopped shining and darkness covered the whole land. If Jesus, the Light of the world, experienced darkness and distress, it should come as no surprise to His followers when they, too, find themselves in uneasy situations. He came out on top and so can you!

By Larry Dugger

TRADE PAPERBACK, 176 PAGES, $15.00 - eBOOK, $9.99

Available January 12, 2022

This book takes you on Mark’s journey as he tries to prove to himself

It finally takes you to his greatest discovery -

Islam is the true religion.

Jesus is the God he was searching

for his entire life.

ISBN: 9781737176305 - 6x9 Hardcover / 9781737176312 eBook

Fidelis Publishing LogoFor just a time as this Fidelis Publishing enters the book world. Observing the culture, the church, and government, the darkness of decay spreads and thickens. Truth has been supplanted by feelings and opinions to the point Christianity is singularly in the crosshairs of attack. The Bible and recorded history have repeatedly shown how truth is preserved and always prevails and it will again. Fidelis Publishing is here to shine the light of truth into the darkness of our time’s base pursuits. The Bible will be the sole standard for what we publish. Oliver North is a NYT bestselling author of many books, most of which he has published with Gary Terashita. These men have pooled their experience, network, and publishing knowledge to establish a top producer of Christian and Conservative books. Fidelis/faithful is not just a word, it’s our commitment.